Valle del Penderisco

URRAO, an experience WOWW

Did you know that in Antioquia there is a hidden paradise? With 3 valleys that cross this beautiful place in the southwest of the department, its great Penderisco River, meanders all the western side of that territory.

It is the second largest municipality in Antioquia and has all the thermal floors from a height of 100 meters above sea level to 4080 meters, the highest in Antioquia with the páramo del sol. Rich in agriculture, fauna and flora. Coffee, avocado, pineapple, gulupa, granadilla, mango, etc. are many of the fruits that you can enjoy.

Like their mornings accompanied by the trilling of countless birds. Its most famous dessert, the Urrao cheese will make sweets every day that you stay in this paradise.

Access by land (5 hours) and by air (only 20 minutes of flight)

Simply, a WOWW experience !!!!!

passion for our land

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