Agrotorism farm ¨Las Antorchas¨

Cultiva el campo, Agroturismo

Becaçuse is time to come back the countryside. Live a wonderful experience in a agrotourism farm located in Támesis town, a municipality of Antioquia, while you enjoy a view of landscape . Pool, Kiosk, Private room, Private bathroom

From the city to the countryside

Descubre el campo en tus vacaciones recreativas

If you are from the city of Medellín or Manizales, you are between 10 and 14 years old, and you want to live a country experience for your vacations, do not miss this opportunity. Sow, water, harvest, and enjoy (Cocoa Route, hiking, swimming pool) all in one place for an excellent vacation with @AntioquiaTurismo and […]

Ethno cultures still alife in Colombia

Culturas étnicas aún presentes Ritual de sanación

In our country, more precisely in the southwest of Antioquia lives an indigenous community: the Embera Chamie, who preserve all their principles and values ​​typical of their ancestors. Their rituals, their customs, their value to the land or to ¨Pacha Mama¨ as it is called. And those who celebrate and worship the great significance of […]

This is how the Fair was lived in Medellín

Desfile de silleteros

The story of the parade told directly by a silletero in Santa Elena, Tour of the Commune 13 with all its graffiti, its dances and its people, the parade of silleteros from tribune and many, many flowers, were the protagonists in this great week with Antioquia Tourism

The most beautiful morr in the world

In the municipality of Mongui, department of Boyacá, is this wonderful place at 2,950 meters above sea level not yet known by many. This moor is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and best preserved in Colombia since the country has 60% of the moors of the world and the rest are […]

URRAO, an experience WOWW

Valle del Penderisco

Did you know that in Antioquia there is a hidden paradise? With 3 valleys that cross this beautiful place in the southwest of the department, its great Penderisco River, meanders all the western side of that territory. It is the second largest municipality in Antioquia and has all the thermal floors from a height of […]

Why to visit Boyaca

Its territory includes all thermal floors from an altitude close to sea level, to the beautiful Nevado del Cocuy at a height of 5330 meters above sea level. One of its peculiarities is to present several of the most important high mountain ecosystems in the country. Its most important cities are more than 2,500 meters […]

Coffee region

Eje Cafetero Mirador Parque Nacional del cafe. Montenegro, Quindio

Eje Cafetero Immense garden, paradise of eternal spring, smell coffee constantly, magic and the spell of orchids and “heliconias”. It is a soul swollen from farms and places that one imagines closer to the biblical idea of ​​the promised land, although here there are no beaches of white sand or turquoise blue sea. This is […]

Southwest of Antioquia

Plazas principales

A smell of mountains mixed with air of coffee, the taste of a delicious hot chocolate made with “panela”, and our people, the most valuable of our land. Southwest Antioquia keeps its essence of “arrieros” ancestors, those men of great dynamism and strength for the job. It is known as the cradle of settlers who […]

City tour Medellín

Linea J a La Aurora

As Mayor Federico Gutiérrez says, Medellín has achieved success thanks to resilience; to the sense of belonging, to creativity, innovation and the ability to take risks. Cataloged in 2013 as the most innovative city in the world, one of the best places to live in South America, Lee Kuan Yew World City (2016), and one […]